Wednesday, 11 July 2007

时过境迁, Time flies, the World fly faster ...

Got up late, again. As usually, first thing was checking the emails.

Got an Email from a high school friend, whom I haven't met for years. We are in different countries now. Got back in touch through FaceBook, perfect example of demonstrating the power of the internet.

Well, it was nothing more than a warm greeting from a old friend.

It was just shocking that how much and how little differences a few years time could make. We like to say 'Time flies!'. But this morning, I realized this world, the world around us, changes even faster, just like the Chinese saying, '时过境迁'.

I guess this is why we should keep in touch with old friends, mirroring to yourself, reminding what you were there for.

Sunday, 8 July 2007


Since most people have their Blog or Space, or whatever form of these things, on the net, it's a nice sunny weekend, after a week of heavy rain in Cambridge, I thought 'Why not start now!'. 
Well, here it is. Welcome to my Blog 
There will be a lot of nice photos, I'm a big fan of photography. 

And lots of sketches, I'm a designer, not too sure what type of designer though. 

And maybe lots of 'bullshits', since I do that a lot too, might be fun reading. 
Dream to Death: 
It's about a boy's life, who try to keep his dream real ...