Sunday, 23 March 2008

Tibet, Tibet, Tibet ...

I feel so little we can do to help, but this is the least I can do. 

Last week, a violent turbulence that have not been seen for nearly 20 years have stormed Lhasa, the Tibetan capital. The western media starts to accuse Chinese "occupation" of Tibet. For that, many of us felt horrible. There is a very good clip on the YouTube stated 6 points that all of us should know about Tibet: 

The most important here, legitimacy, on for over a millennium, Tibet has been a part of China in one way or another. Tibetans among other 55 ethic groups make up the "Chinese". 

In China, roles of army is different from the west. The Chinese Army carry out more work inside the country, such as road construction, flood control, or even the cleaning up the snow earlier this year. 

Here, the western media played brutally on China, using many images that was not even in China to portrait the event, and misinterpret photographs to make the public believe the "story". 

This clip pointed that out pretty well, since music too. 

BUT, after all this happened, I can't help to think that our government would have handled the issue better. 

Media freedom is actually much urgently needed. While the media waiting to be informed that what can be shown and what cannot, the Media war was already lost, as it miss the window for the first move advantage. 

What if there is a live coverage on the event while it develops, that would shut the CNN/BBC up for guessing what is going on. This would take much courage and confidence, that, is something we may or may not have. 

So, please, don't let this happen again. And, please, let it go with the media !