Thursday, 20 September 2007

Swivel QWERTY Phone Concept Design

I thought I had a brilliant idea on to solve the bulkiness of today's full keypad phone. Well, it turns out to be just some what 'interesting'. But I decided to post on here anyway.

The idea is simple, the special geometry combined with a offset hinge to achieve the rotation as shown. The QWERTY keys align with the number keys in the front to form a 'real' full keyboard layout. Interesting, isn't it?

P&S Camera Concept Design

I had this post on my Photo Blog a month ago. Thought it would be good to put it here too.

It was raining badly again this afternoon. That was the ultimate excuse for not doing any proper work. Well, there it was, I spent the whole afternoon on illustrator, first time using this software seriously. I Had to say, it was a lot more difficult than I thought. Eventually, the result was acceptable.

Here it is. A new design of a Point & Shoot Camera.

The idea was pretty simple, a Leica CM sized fixed focus length (lens) digital camera. This machine is purely a fantasy. However the goal was to design an exterior of such a camera and its UI (User Interface).

Main features:
  • 1.33x Foveon X3 sensor, 2000 x 3000 in 3 layers
  • ISO 50(low) to 3200(high), the large pixel size ensures good performance at high ISOs
  • 30mm lens, giving 40mm equivalent in 135 format
  • Aperture F=2.0, allows just enough control over the DOF
  • Auto Focus with full time manual over write with Focus-by-wire focus ring
  • Focus from 10cm to infinity
  • LED ring flash, shadow-less photography
The electronics design was not part of this design study. Having the technologies available today, it was a sensible judgment that such design is feasible. The 120x70x35mm form factor provide reasonable space for descent complexity of the integrated electronic system. Considering removal of the range finder mechanism from an M8, it could end up in similar package. The Sigma DP1 is just another example of this kind.

I think a good camera for man is just like a good handbag for women. Since they have so many options (brands) to choose from, why don't do the same. It was quite simple, I applied a few skins onto the camera. Don't you think that it gives really different character to every single design.

Well, I had to admit that the design was heavily influences by the classic Leica M and girl's leather handbags. There is nothing stops girls like them too.

Like it?

Monday, 10 September 2007

It's time

Performance, Style, Efficiency

The needs of electric cars are becoming increasingly significant, not only environmentally, but economically. Despite the concerns over its reliability, functionality and performance, even the seriousness of the electric cars, many does not portrait an electric powered vehicle as a proper car. The current manufacturers of electric cars have marketed their products in just that way diminishing public’s confidence in electric powered cars. The demand on electric powered cars is rising rapidly.

The market should be explored in a different fashion as it had been. The dissemination of electric cars should be emphasized in aspects of a new life style, superior performance, and of course the efficiency.

Is it the time?

Many may ask, if it is so great, why there aren’t many electric cars out there? Yes, the core of every new product introduction is about timing. It is about the product life cycle of the replaced produce.

However, it is a different case with the petrol cars. It is a complicated issue. The automotive industry is so big which many countries’ economies are relied on. More than a half of that is about the engine, the heart of any automobiles. If an automobile manufacturer switches to electric motors, that is equivalently killing half of it supply chain! More importantly is the petrol business of which supplies consumables. No body want to kill the petrol business. This explains why the replacement of petrol engines is so difficult to born, even a much superior solution, i.e. electric motor. Again, it is business.

These resistances, together with a bit of technical challenges, have prevented the major developments of electric cars till today. The technologies had developed significantly, most in other industries, which enables a risk free environment for electric car developments. In other words, all the technologies required to achieve to develop an electric car are available among the public. It reduces barrier for entry significantly even for new start-ups.

It's the time to make electric cars!

Thursday, 6 September 2007

The fall of Apple

A new range of iPods has just announced (5th Sep 2007). We watched Steve Job's keynote as usual. Watching Steve Job's keynote was one of the must event, ever since I got my Powerbook G4 Ti 5 years ago, where I'm writing this blog on. I hate to admit, it is the worst Apple keynote I have ever watched. There is nothing more than disappointments. They used to be quite entertaining, I know many people enjoyed them.

A new line of iPods was introduced (above photo). What hell is with the new NANO! Oh, my god, it looks just like a cheap Asian MP3 player, such an unbalanced design. Of course, the iPhod, whoops, the 'Touch' looks pretty nice. Wait, what more is it than a phone-less iPhone. I bet the effort to make the iPod touch is less than a change of HDD in a iPod classic. I shouldn't be criticizing the efficient way of utilizing resources in Apple. It just bothers me that there isn't any surprises today.

Soon, we realize that it is not an discrete event leading to the 'fall of Apple'. Apple today is no longer the Apple that we were familiar with. It is all about market share and profit in Steve's keynote. The Apple we loved was a company with a dream. It was all about making the best products possible. Apple used to be a legend that lead the market, although small. The legend has died. It is driven by the market today, a big market, with big money! The question is, what are we left with? Clearly, this niche market has been abandoned by Steve. In my opinion, sadly, Apple brand value is confused in the halo of 'iPod'.

In some way, I am a purist. It is true that not many company can survive in the purist market, such as Leica, which I love a lot. It is not in my wish that Apple shouldn't grow. However, it is certainly sad to grow the business with compromising its core values.

Since the conversion to Intel 2 years ago, Apple has lost on its way. It is somehow difficult to differentiate a MAC to a PC these days. Yeah, it runs Windows too. I am not crying for the death of PowerPC. It was the right decision to adopt Intel lines, since IBM was unfaithful in the partnership. My complaint is that, the MAC line was left without any innovative or revolutionary development.

Some may argue that it was difficult for Apple to switch to Intel in such a sort time frame. Hence, having completed this transaction, it will free up a lot of resource inside Apple. The development of iPhone was a good example of that. But we believe Apple is much more capable than just able to develop the iPhone. So, what is coming next, is the most important thing.

Please, Apple, make something great, make us all proud.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

时过境迁, Time flies, the World fly faster ...

Got up late, again. As usually, first thing was checking the emails.

Got an Email from a high school friend, whom I haven't met for years. We are in different countries now. Got back in touch through FaceBook, perfect example of demonstrating the power of the internet.

Well, it was nothing more than a warm greeting from a old friend.

It was just shocking that how much and how little differences a few years time could make. We like to say 'Time flies!'. But this morning, I realized this world, the world around us, changes even faster, just like the Chinese saying, '时过境迁'.

I guess this is why we should keep in touch with old friends, mirroring to yourself, reminding what you were there for.

Sunday, 8 July 2007


Since most people have their Blog or Space, or whatever form of these things, on the net, it's a nice sunny weekend, after a week of heavy rain in Cambridge, I thought 'Why not start now!'. 
Well, here it is. Welcome to my Blog 
There will be a lot of nice photos, I'm a big fan of photography. 

And lots of sketches, I'm a designer, not too sure what type of designer though. 

And maybe lots of 'bullshits', since I do that a lot too, might be fun reading. 
Dream to Death: 
It's about a boy's life, who try to keep his dream real ...