Monday, 10 September 2007

It's time

Performance, Style, Efficiency

The needs of electric cars are becoming increasingly significant, not only environmentally, but economically. Despite the concerns over its reliability, functionality and performance, even the seriousness of the electric cars, many does not portrait an electric powered vehicle as a proper car. The current manufacturers of electric cars have marketed their products in just that way diminishing public’s confidence in electric powered cars. The demand on electric powered cars is rising rapidly.

The market should be explored in a different fashion as it had been. The dissemination of electric cars should be emphasized in aspects of a new life style, superior performance, and of course the efficiency.

Is it the time?

Many may ask, if it is so great, why there aren’t many electric cars out there? Yes, the core of every new product introduction is about timing. It is about the product life cycle of the replaced produce.

However, it is a different case with the petrol cars. It is a complicated issue. The automotive industry is so big which many countries’ economies are relied on. More than a half of that is about the engine, the heart of any automobiles. If an automobile manufacturer switches to electric motors, that is equivalently killing half of it supply chain! More importantly is the petrol business of which supplies consumables. No body want to kill the petrol business. This explains why the replacement of petrol engines is so difficult to born, even a much superior solution, i.e. electric motor. Again, it is business.

These resistances, together with a bit of technical challenges, have prevented the major developments of electric cars till today. The technologies had developed significantly, most in other industries, which enables a risk free environment for electric car developments. In other words, all the technologies required to achieve to develop an electric car are available among the public. It reduces barrier for entry significantly even for new start-ups.

It's the time to make electric cars!

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