Thursday, 10 April 2008


This is my guess on the coming iTablet, or whatever it is called, if it ever comes. It looks like a giant iPhone with a 6.4 inch screen (B6), about the size of 3 iPhones together in a row, just about small enough to keep in your pocket. it is somewhere between the iPod touch and the ModBook. It would be the perfect replacement for our notepads. 
  1. Running a Full Featured OSX, but a GUI like iPhone, with all the apps icons at 'home', no docks. icons including the Finder, and other customized files. 
  2. Finder opens up in 3 column view, scroll and click like on the iPhone. a single click on the file opens the 'quick view'. 
  3. Every app opens up in a new 'Space', in the full screen view. Switching between the apps require going back to the 'home'. 
  4. Multi-touch and Stylist input. A WACOM style stylist, it will increase the productivity of such device significantly, from graphic design to simple notes. 
  5. One 'Home' button, one screen orientation button, and a multi-touch lock key. 
It might come with an additional model with 10 inch screen targeting the graphic design market, i.e. A5 sized, with larger SSD, better battery life, and of course higher price tag. 

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