Friday, 15 August 2008

Is 'Human Rights' fundamentally flawed?

By no means that I am against human rights by raising this question. 

The 'Human Rights', in this argument means the practice of so called human rights, but mostly the 'western human right ideology'. Something that the western governments and NGOs often use to when it comes to criticizing none-pro-Western countries. 

What makes me think this way is because the way 'human rights' is been used in today's global politics. What is happening right now really looks like a 'duet' of those NGOs and their 'hosting' governments. Don't you think so? 


  • The Human Right Watch - USA Government 
  • Amnesty international - The United Kingdom

Just to name a few of the biggest and most active human right related NGOs. Check out their history and the current activities, you will know what I mean. 

WOW! What a huge topic. Got to admit, this is well out of my league. Enjoy the freedom of speech...

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